Short Bio

A pop culture inspired 90's kid who makes imagery that is impossible, because reality tends to be boring. Influenced by Dali, Magritte, & Banksy, among others.


I make art that appeals to me. I take inspiration from a multitude of casual observances. I like to take ordinary images from daily life and make them into extraordinary things. If my artwork makes you uncomfortable or makes you question what you're looking at, I've succeeded. In my opinion, art should make you feel something. I like crisp lines, and bright colors. I like amorphous shapes and distortion. I like implied textures and forced movement. I want my artwork to take you on a walk through my mind for just a moment. I want you to love my art or hate my art, but nothing less. I've been inspired by surrealists to create unusual imagery that makes you squirm or shift your footing. I've been inspired by pop artists to take icons and imagery that we've subconsciously deifyed and put them on display. I've been inspired by street artists to use unconventional materials and methods. I'm Michael, and these are my Artwerx.

Michael lives in South Florida with his fiancee, dog, and frog. He is currently an elementary school art teacher. When he isn't making artwork with students or for himself, Michael enjoys snorkelling, playing ukulele, and working on his car.